The first David Horowitz - Freedom Center fact finding expedition to Israel including visits to cities and towns around the Gaza borders, Lebanon, the Golan Heights Judea & Sameria and expert analysis on Israel military doctrine and tactical issues.


Testimonials from participants of the one of the Heritage Study Programs fact finding expedition with Daniel Pipes and The Middle East Form. The focus of the tour was "Israel ultimate challenge: Israeli Arabs".

"Excellent trip, first class, great accommodations, the Daniel Pipes' commentary and the visit to the Knesset committee meeting were my highlights."
R. Guzzardi, Philadelphia, PA

"Marvelous trip, I enjoyed everything about it"
H. Haber, Toronto, Canada

"Excellent trip with great combination of information and relaxation, I enjoyed the host Ron [Wexler] and the guide Yaniv. This was a superb experience."
H. Rosenbloom, Lutherville, MD

"Excellent - worth every penny. Food and accommodations couldn't have been any better. Expertise of Daniel [Pipes], Ron [Wexler] and Yaniv [Guide] is impressive indeed. I mostly enjoyed discussions with Israeli/Arabs, keeping focused on the purpose of the trip. Well done, Ron"
S. Blanton, Bluffton, SC

"Very well done, I enjoyed the meetings with the Israeli - Arabs and getting another perspective. Thank you!"
G. Abrahams, Sydney, Australia

"The best! A1! From being met at the airport & 'cared for' to the hotel was great. I looked forward to learning more history of the area from Israeli locals like you [Ron Wexler] and the discussions taken from up close with Israeli Arabs.  That was an eye opener each time, but I never changed my mind."
E. Blanton, Bluffton, SC

"A wonderful experience. The host [Ron] and guide [Yaniv] were fantastic and very knowledgeable. There was an ideal combination of the guest speakers and sightseeing."
K. Newcomb, Sarasota, FL

"Well organized, knowledgeable guides and clean accommodations. I enjoyed the beauty of the country, visiting historic places and a chance to meet with the locals. It gave me a better chance to understand what is happening." "Very focused on the purpose - most of the speakers provided food for thought to help our analysis. I enjoyed the trip - very stimulating."
S. Haber, Toronto, Canada

"Very positive - well organized - most speakers very good. Ron [Wexler], Yaniv [guide] both very good, Daniel [Pipes] commentary very important. Education level of participants was very helpful. Over all organization and tour - very good."
W. Pike, Welsley, MA

"I thought it was mostly very well done. Yaniv [guide] was very well informed and thorough. I wished Daniel [Pipes] would have spoken more as we were traveling on the bus. I thought monk Oliver was a very special person. His love for his fellow man one could see in his eyes. When he spoke it was a delight, I was honored to meet and hear him."
J. Winters, Bellaire, TX

"It was a wonderful experience! I appreciate Daniel's insights, Yaniv's [guide] narration, the choice of hotels - the theme of the trip was enlightening and thought provoking."
T. Rogovin, Los Angeles, CA

"This was an excellent trip, I mostly liked listening to the speakers and Yaniv [guide]."
R. & S. Kroll, Suffern, NY

"Very good, I liked the subject and learned much from listening to the Israeli Arabs and their biases. I specially enjoyed listening to the presenter [Begin Center] who responded to the Arab narrative and the content."
A. Winters, Bellaire, TX

"Really enjoyed hearing Israeli Arabs speak. Got better sense of some of their issues; budget, army service, and land. I enjoyed the travelogue of ancient archeological sites and commentary by Daniel [Pipes], Ron [Wexler] and Yaniv [guide]."
M. & L. Levant, Calgary, CA